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Fascinating Holland..
Netherlands also referred to as Holland though this properly applies to only the two coastal provinces extending northwards from the river Rhine.

This is the 'hollow lands' most of it which lie below sea level and much of Dutch history has been concerned with the reclamation and defence of their lands. The coastal lands, from Den Helder to Hook of Holland consist of sand dunes strenghtened to form a protective barrier for the low lying lands to the east. Farther north the sand dune line is interrupted forming the West Friesian Islands behind which lies the Wadden Zee. The northern coastlands comprise much of the provinces of Groningen and Friesland, forming rich farming country. The central and southern coastlands maintain a intensity of agriculture which is rarely equalled. Further  regions are the Rhine-Maas Valley and the heathlands regions south of the lower Maas. South Limburg is a plateau consisting mainly of chalk in parts covered with sand or clay. When visiting the Netherlands from mid-April to the end of May you can experience the bulbfields between Haarlem and Leyden and in the vicinity of Alkmaar, in particular the magnificent colours while foilage of the trees adds a green note along the canals crossing the towns. In summer holiday makers normally invade the beaches of the North Sea, Wadden Islands and holiday resort regions like the Drenthe and Southern Limburg, where it is therefore difficult to find accommodation. Lakes and canals swarm with yachts. Flowering heather colours dunes and heaths are usual at that time. About accommodation, breakfast is mostly included in the price of the room. Camping lovers have a great choice of over 900 organised sites with all facilities. Regarding boating or fishing, the Dutch have about 300000 pleasure boats many of them available for hire. Walks are well organised in the Netherlands, also object to anual meetings like the Four Day Walks which take place between Apeldorn and Nijmegen or the tour of Eleven Towns of Friesland, leaving from Leeuwarden. About entertainment, the Holland Festival offers a number of artistic events

Rotterdam stands 29km from the sea, to which it is linked by a ship canal, the New Waterway. The port is the biggest in the world accommodating over 6500 ships annually. Along the New Waterway is the largest industrial district in the Netherlands, the activities  include shipyards that can build 500 ton tankers, and many marine engineering works. Visitors should not miss a visit to Amsterdam the Dutch capital with its many romantic waterways and vast offer of nearly unlimited entertainment..

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